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Specializing in laboratory equipment, reagents research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises

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Luoyang super resistant Experimental Equipment Co.,Ltd.,adhering to the original general manager Mr.Hu Jian"quality is better,customer first"production and management philosophy,specializing in laboratory equipment,reagents research and development,production and marketing.The company has advanced production and technical personnel and production technology,to ensure that the company's products continue to walk in the forefront of the industry.

The company has many years of professional technical service team,to ensure after-sales work,service to users,satisfied with customer and technical innovation perfect.The company's melting prototype,high temperature resistance furnace,after years of market validation,stable operation,technology leader,by the vast numbers of users alike.

The anhydrous four boric acid lithium and anhydrous lithium borate reagent used for wet chemical analysis are characterized by high purity,good stability and low price.Can completely replace imported products.The company will inherit Mr.Hu Jian's life to promote the"technology as the guide,quality as the core,and serve the user"purpose,to achieve quality assurance,customer first business philosophy.

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Specializing in laboratory equipment, reagents research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises


  • 09 2017-10

    Selection of fusion prototype

    Different applications should be distinguished for selection.Now the market application is more silicon carbide heating and melting prototype of high-frequency welding machine;the two types of fusion machine are domestic production.Personally,if it is use
  • 09 2017-10

    The difference between the method of sampling and the method of tabletting

    At present,there are two kinds of sample preparation methods,tabletting method and melting method。 In order to analyze the content of elements in the material,we must first obtain some representative sample material,but it can not be directly measured on
  • 09 2017-10

    Determination of limestone and dolomite by XRF fusion method

    Fused sample preparation。The spectral interferences of coexisting elements were eliminated。The content of SiOz,CaO,MgO,A120,P and Fe20 in limestone and dolomite was determined by XRF fluorescence spectrometry。The analysis result is compared with the stand

  • 09 2017-10

    A brief overview of the properties of a thermophysical tester

    Thermal property tester is mainly for scientific research units,engineering colleges,factories and other industries testing,measuring metal materials,conductive materials,semiconductor,electrode performance parameters.The thermal expansion coefficient,the
  • 09 2017-10

    Thermal conductivity tester occupies an important position in the instrument Mar

    The heat conduction tester has the advantages of high cost performance,compact size,accurate measurement,wide application and fast measurement。Therefore,once listed,it will soon occupy a place in the precision instrument market。Below,the small book about
  • 09 2017-10

    Application principle of thermal dilatometer in iron and Steel Research

    Thermal dilatometer is an important measuring tool for thermal expansion of physical properties of materials.Understanding and studying the thermal expansion properties of materials play an important role in engineering design,material research and applic


    Specializing in laboratory equipment, reagents research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises

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